M4. Breathing Meditation

One of my favorite meditation teachers is Thich Nhat Hanh. He teaches so simply and clearly, fully knowing you can do it that you feel his confidence in you. You can tell he is supporting you. I bring his teaching into this breathing meditation. I hope you enjoy. Download the meditation HERE.

Ep 6. The Journey to Pointed and Polished with Christine Stoeber

I met Christine through an entrepreneur’s Facebook group – the Don’t Keep Your Day Job group. We both listen to this podcast and have gotten a lot of inspiration from it. She was able to use her inspiration to help her gain the resolve to go to manicuring school and follow her dreams of being her own boss. Christine has …

M3. Driving Meditation

You can meditate while you drive! Just don’t close your eyes. Download the meditation HERE. Thanks for visiting and Happy Meditating.

Ep 5. Career in the Time of Coronavirus – 3 Tips for Flourishing

Life is weird right now. I know for me it has been a huge adjustment – I lost work, went on unemployment and had to rethink my plans for my entire year. If you’re going through something, I feel ya. The pandemic threw a wrench in a lot of things, but you’re gonna be OK. Here’s how you make sure, …

Ep 4. Is Film Still Right for Wilson?

In this episode, I get to coach Wilson Smith on what steps he should take for his career. Wilson has had an amazing career working in film, from getting the first film he worked on into SXSW (South by South West) and then winning 2 awards there. And THEN getting accepted to the Canne Film Festival in France. He has …