Ep 6. The Journey to Pointed and Polished with Christine Stoeber

I met Christine through an entrepreneur’s Facebook group – the Don’t Keep Your Day Job group. We both listen to this podcast and have gotten a lot of inspiration from it. She was able to use her inspiration to help her gain the resolve to go to manicuring school and follow her dreams of being her own boss.

Christine has been into nails, been a DIYer and now in the tail end of manicuring school. She loves how beautiful they can make you feel and wanted to spread that joy to the world. But right before she was supposed to attend her first class something devastating happened.

She discovered that she was allergic to her nail products. What I got out of this interview was that if you really wanted something, you will make it work. Christine got rid of all the obstacles she was facing, lack of time, working too much, being debt, and also being allergic to the product for your craft. So that she could follow her dream. She was able to find products that are hypoallergenic and subsequently her niche.

Now she provides these services to everyone and is an advocate for better, safer products for the people of the world.

Find and follow Christine on:

On Instagram: @pointedandpolished

Facebook: All About Acrylate Allergies

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