Ep 2. Meditation Made Easy

“I keep hearing about meditation, so why are you all about it now?”

Meditation and mindfulness are the perfect practices to help you hear your intuition better. They teach you to slow down and get quiet enough so that it can pop through and you can hear it.

In the world today, we have 5-10 things competing for our attention at one time. We are taught to multitask and expected to get degrees and have families and be perfect people. All the stress and expectation going on around us, distracts us from the internal voices. The ones telling you to eat because you forgot breakfast. The ones telling you to call your mom because you need to check on her. And the ones tell you that you need to do more because you need to be the best. These voices are distracting us from our intuition.

Meditation is about being totally present with what you’re doing. Your mind isn’t thinking about the weekend while you’re answering emails. Your mind isn’t listening to the news while you’re washing dishes. During meditation, you are thinking and feeling totally where you are and what you’re doing. For example, if you are folding laundry and you’re thinking about how to fold each piece as you fold it. You notice how warm or cold the clothes are. You hear the sounds going on around and you are totally with the activity and not thinking about something else or listening to something then you are present. When you are present with yourself, is when you can hear yourself more clearly.

Each Monday I’ll put out an episode on career. Every other Thursday I’ll put out a meditation for you to use and practice with. I will make them short, easy, and doable. Try it, do your best and then practice as you can.

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