Ep 4. Is Film Still Right for Wilson?

In this episode, I get to coach Wilson Smith on what steps he should take for his career. Wilson has had an amazing career working in film, from getting the first film he worked on into SXSW (South by South West) and then winning 2 awards there. And THEN getting accepted to the Canne Film Festival in France. He has worked with great directors and actors and now amid COVID is at a turning point for his career.

Even though his career has given him amazing opportunities, the freelance lifestyle has been hard and unstable. Since film production has come to a complete halt due to the pandemic, Wilson has taken some time to think through and explore some options. BUT it’s been hard to figure out which path to take.

Many people are encouraging him to stick with film because that is clearly his passion. But his gut is telling him to go for something more stable because making rent next month is important. He has been looking into production insurance, because it would be related to film, but also a stable job that is always in need.

In our coaching session, I take Wilson through a visualization exercise that helps him realize how good it would feel to have an office, a stable job, and possibly work that would be interesting. I also remind him that a stable job is not a dead end for your passion. If he ever found a film he wanted to work on, then he could still do that. Only now he can pick and choose the ones he wants to make instead of having to take whatever came his way for the sake of money. This possibility seemed like the best of both worlds.

You can have your cake and eat it too.

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