Ep 3. Intuitive Eating with Mayuko Okai

I had the privilege and joy to interview my friend and fellow coach Mayuko Okai. She teaches people how to get better in touch with themselves to heal their relationship with food and their bodies.

I wanted to interview Mayuko, not just because she has a strong connection and understanding of intuition, but because she also used her intuition and dharma (knowing her truth) to leave her career and start a new one that was more aligned with who she wanted to be.

What I got out of this interview:

  1. I have a relationship with food just like I have a relationship with people. And if it’s not healthy, then my eating won’t be healthy.
  2. Having a calm and trusting mindset when you leave your job (even if you don’t have it figured out) is key.
  3. Listening to your truth, what you know is right, will point you in the right direction.

You can find Mayuko at :


Instagram: Mayuko Okai RD

If you’re interested in joining her amazing program, Food Liberation – just mention this podcast and receive $100 off!

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