Ep 1. Intuition, What’s That?

When I was trying to figure what my calling was and how to get there I had an idea – what if I turned inward for the answers? I didn’t have a mentor, nor did I know where to find someone who was an expert in finding your passion. BUT I always knew that I wanted to be of service to people. So I thought – that came from somewhere right?

Yes, it came from my intuition. By definition intuition is the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning. In other words, it’s a feeling sense. Here’s what I learned:

  • Everyone is born with it
  • It comes from your gut or your heart
  • You can trust it to tell you what’s going to bring you joy
  • It’s there but sometimes hard to hear

Why is it hard to hear? Because we are thinking with our practical mind and also hearing what the outside world is trying to tell us. There are a lot of thoughts and voices moving around our heads so we need to learn to hear the intuitive voice just as clearly because it’s when we ignore that voice that things may not go the way we want.

How can it help you find your calling? Your calling is something that will bring you joy and meaning. Your intuition is deeply connected to that. So hearing your intuition clearly will lead you to that. The same way your practical brain might say, “set your alarm tomorrow so you wake up on time!” Your intuition will say, “try that new hobby, it looks like a lot of fun!”

How is what’s fun going to help me find my calling? Well fun gives you that joy feeling. When you are doing things that bring you joy, you get clarity on how a career that brings you joy would feel. And then you can use that discernment to start making choices for your career.

You are your own guide. Sometimes it’s just hard to heard it. But that’s normal, and I’m here to help you.


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