Ep 14. Intuition Sandwich with Naama Zusman

The way I work with clients is like a sandwich. There’s mindset, intuition, mindset. We need the mindset at the beginning to clear out the noise. Then we need the intuition to connect, to listen, to trust. But then we need the mindset again.

I had such a lovely time talking with Intuitive Life Coach Naama Zusman about her path overcoming an eating disorder to becoming a yoga teacher and coach. She has a strong connection with her inner guidance now and helps others find and create that connection too.

What I learned through Naama was that mindset is just as important as developing a strong connection to your intuition. Even after you figure out what your intuition needs, then you still need to act on it. You still need to have the courage and confidence to follow it and trust it. That’s where mindset comes in. When we can balance our ability to listen to ourselves and then to take action then we’ll be better in our decision making and happier on our path to purpose and meaningful work.

You can find Naama…

Website: https://www.naamazusman.com/

Instagram: Naama Zusman

Email: info@naamazusman.com

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