Ep 7. Intuition, It Lives in Your Heart

Thank you for listening to my first episode on intuition. I got a lot of good questions and the main question was, “How do you know the difference between your logical voice and your intuitive voice?”

Your Intuitive voice

  • comes from your heart
  • can feel like a knowing
  • doesn’t come with fear or anxiety or worry
  • can pop up out of no where

Your logical voice

  • will talk in progression, one thought after another
  • fear, anxiety or worry can follow
  • comes from your brain

You might not notice the difference because they both come from inside you. But when you start to listen closely, you’ll notice that you might argue with yourself. When you’re auguring with yourself, its your logical voice talking with your intuitive voice. Notice where each one is coming from. What they feel like and how they are different. Then try to go with your intuitive voice and see what happens.

If you’ve ever regretted not listening to yourself its because you ignored your inner voice. That was it!

If you’ve ever had that sense of, I know this is true but I don’t know how I know. That was it!

If you’ve ever met someone and immediately knew they were bad news. That was it!

Listen to that voice even if it doesn’t make sense because it won’t steer your wrong.

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