Ep 16. Hope Trory Explains How a Suit Should Fit

I’m so happy I found Hope Trory! I related to her so much because she went to school for something and then pretty soon after graduating with that degree she flipped and did something else. You don’t need a credential or a degree to do good work. You just need a healthy curiosity and desire to learn.

Take some time to listen and learn how Hope found her purpose. She talks about purpose and finding it so comfortably that you know you want to find the same for yourself.

My main take aways were

  1. Your purpose should fit like a suit you can wear always. You don’t take it off and change like another piece of clothing but it fits you so well you love to live in it.
  2. Get support and an objective opinion on your life because you never know how it can help you.
  3. Leaving something behind is ok. Take your time and take small steps but its going to be healthy to leave things behind.

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Hopeworks Design

Her work is amazing!


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