Ep. 30 Success Engineering with Michael Bauman

It's time to revamp your ideas of success and learn how to create a healthy and robust perception of success. [Insert exciting music] Michael Bauman - Peak Performance Coach - and founder of Success Engineering came to talk to me about how you can think about success that is real, healthy, and genuine. We're not exploring money, wealth, or empty success. We're exploring true fulfilling success - the kind that makes you happy. 

And that starts with asking yourself how to bring these values into all areas of your life: Freedom, Joy, Creativity, Peace, and Love Asking yourself - How can I bring Freedom into my career? 

Will help you get solid on what you want to create and do for yourself. 

Get your FREE Success Engineering Book by vising Michael's website to get help with creating your own model of success. 

Find more of Michael on: 

Instagram | https://www.instagram.com/michaelbaumanthrive/

Success Engineering | https://successengineering.org/

Success Engineering Podcast | https://successengineering.org/podcast/

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