Ep 25. When Your Side Hustle Becomes Your Main Hustle with Maria of Bloom and Grow Radio

My special guest today was Maria of Bloom and Grow Radio, a podcast all about plant care. For the last three years, Maria was juggling a full time job on Broadway and also running her wildly successful podcast. When the pandemic took over she was left without work for the unforeseeable future. It hit hard and was definitely upsetting, but after she mourned her loss, Maria has dove head first into growing her podcast and supporting people on their plant care journeys.

This was a special treat for me because I’ve been a fan of her podcast for years now AND we found out that we actually went to the same university and know a handful of the same people. WILD.

Maria inspired me by her resourcefulness, ingenuity and bravery for diving head first into all the things she does. Check out all her offerings especially her Plant Parent Personality Quiz | https://bloomandgrowradio.com/personality. You won’t be disappointed. 

Get more Maria and Bloom and Grow Radio: 
Bloom and Grow Radio Website | https://bloomandgrowradio.com/
Bloom and Grow Insta | https://www.instagram.com/bloomandgrowradio/
Bloom and Grow on YouTube | https://www.youtube.com/c/BloomandGrowRadio

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