Ep 20. What is a Calling?

Welcome to a new year and a new season for the What’s Your Calling? Podcast. Today I’m talking to you about how to know if something is your calling. Sometimes people wonder if it’s really possible to find something that you love that will make you money. And I say YES. It’s totally possible. Especially in today’s world with the internet – making money and being of service has many unlimited avenues.

In your search for a calling, it will fit these three criteria:
1. Your calling is something that shows up in your life again and again
2. Your calling will be of service to something in some way
3. Your calling is super interesting or personal to you

If you haven’t found it yet, then keep searching and honing your search. No dead end is a failure. Instead it’s information to help you find the right path.

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Thanks for being here!

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