Ep 19. Reflections on 2020

We have hit December 2020! Thank God! I’ve been thinking a lot about this year, and have also been setting up my 2021.

In this episode I talk about my biggest take aways from podcasting this year. All that I’ve gained and grown (learning that I enjoy podcasting, getting excited to create for you, and
growing as a public speaker) . I also talk about what’s coming for 2021!

Some quick notes:
1. I’ve created a separate podcast for my meditations: Meditate with Miinkay
2. Next year is packed full with more stories, ideas, and tips for creating a career you’ll love.

Get Journey, the #1 Motivational Journal App. I use and love this app for my reflections, journaling and thoughts. I can get to it from my phone and my computer so when I want to write longform text I have the option. When I just want to put down some thoughts I have that at my finger tips on my phone.

I would highly, recommend journaling your reflections for this year as doing so will help you process and close out the year on a good note. And help you process your emotions so that you can have clarity for a great 2021.

THANK YOU for listening. All the downloads encourage me to create more and do more for you. If you like the show, please write a review to encourage me even more.

Have a happy holiday and a great new year!


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