Ep 18. Optimizing for Serendipity with Executive Coach Peter Kovacs

Peter is an international speaker, executive coach, and genuine human being. He graciously offered to come on my podcast to talk about his life and he even coached me just because he wanted to help. And even better he offered a FREE coaching session to someone who heard him here on the podcast. Keep reading for more details on how to get that session.

Throughout our conversation  I could tell that Peter empowers people by giving them ideas and new concepts to help them break out of limiting beliefs and move into what they want. Here are his thoughts on finding your calling:

When you want to reach a goal, instead step back and recreate your goal into an aim. An aim is a place you’re working towards but its broad. Allow your aim to be broad so that you can be flexible and allow for new ideas and opportunities to get there. A goal can be restricting if you’re only working toward that one thing.

So as you work toward your aim, follow your curiosity and try things (do small experiments). You will need to conduct these experiments in order to reach your aim. Maybe your experiments will fail, but don’t worry these are just helping you learn and get closer to your aim.

When experimenting – optimize for serendipity because with serendipity you’ll could get opportunities you never imagined.
Optimize by
1. Getting Curious,
2. Creating Genuine Connection with People,
3. Allow yourself to Wander,
4. Luck!

If you’re searching for a calling, then your aim is to find your essence. When conducting experiments, three questions to ask yourself are
1. Will this create a life you’ll love?
2. Will this be of service?
3. Who will you become if you do this?
If you like the answer to all three things, then go for it!

Peter is giving out a FREE 2-hour coaching session. You don’t want to miss this opportunity! Send him an email telling him who you are and how you would benefit from a coaching session. He will pick the lucky winner and give them their session.

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