Ep 10. Dr. Laura Jaget Opens You Up to Gratitude and Intention

I had a fun time talking with Dr. Laura Jaget about her switch from 28 years in Chiropractic to becoming a podcaster and online entrepreneur. We talk about how she found intuition in 2009 and has been studying it and using it to help her better her life. She talked about dozens of great ways to improve your perspective and how to feel your intuition. Here are the three main themes we kept coming back to:

  1. Find gratitude in your every day. Gratitude helps create a perspective of openness and positivity.
  2. Journal. Journaling not only gets your thoughts out but helps you connect with yourself. When you slow down enough, you can eventually hear the answers to your own questions.
  3. Follow a feeling. If you know you want to feel fulfilled, follow what helps you feel fulfilled. As opposed to thinking you should use the skills you learned at work and just continue on the path of learning more skills. Instead, search for ways to feel fulfilled.

You can find Dr. Laura Jaget :

Website: How to Life

Podcast: Listen to the How to Life Podcast

Email: drlj@howtolife.com

Check out her informative and super practical podcast! Everything I’ve listened to has been super helpful.


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