Ep 5. Career in the Time of Coronavirus – 3 Tips for Flourishing

Life is weird right now. I know for me it has been a huge adjustment – I lost work, went on unemployment and had to rethink my plans for my entire year. If you’re going through something, I feel ya. The pandemic threw a wrench in a lot of things, but you’re gonna be OK. Here’s how you make sure, that you’re gonna be ok and that you start to even flourish!

  1. Find a Community. A community is a supportive place for you to share, get help and support others. All these things will lift you up. Helping others lifts you up. Sharing helps de-stress. Getting help will propel you forward. If you could use some support, then find a community online that will understand and support you.
  2. When you find your community. ASK for Help! Don’t just be a fly on the wall. Join the conversations. Add your 2 cents. Give some support and then ask for help. Ask the hive mind for ideas and encouragement and help that you deserve. People love to help – it is in our nature. Ask and then receive with open arms.
  3. Get comfortable with the unknown. There are so many unknowns right now that it can be overwhelming. How do you deal with so many fears at once? Well first you recognize that you can get through hard things. You have gotten through at least one hard thing in your life. So you can get through another. And another. And another. The best way to be comfortable with the unknown is to trust yourself – that you will handle whatever comes your way.

You are capable. You can get through this. Obstacles are meant to be overcome.


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