Let’s Find Your Calling

Your calling lights you up. You can talk about your calling for hours. Your calling makes you feel intellectually challenged and so useful. Your calling makes you money and supports you enough so you can save and not worry about paying your bills.

You can find your calling. And I’m here to help.

Years ago, I was barely getting up every morning to do a whatevers job. I would get home too drained to figure out my life and would exercise then veg out on Netflix. Vacations couldn’t come soon enough and my soul was wasting away. But something in me wasn’t giving up on a job that I could look forward to. Except I had no idea what that would be or where to start. Until I figured out how to use my intuition to help me. Using it, I found my dream career and never looked back. Now I’m also coaching others on how to find their calling through the power of their intuition.

Learn the basics of intuition in this podcast episode – Intuition, What’s That?

I believe in being a coach that listens and guides. You know yourself better than anyone else could, so I’m here to help you clarify what you truly want and how you can get there. Having worked in corporate, at schools, and as a small business owner, I can relate and help you figure out a career path that fits your personality and makes you feel alive.

But enough talk, listen to how I coach – HERE – and see if you think we’d work well together.

Are you ready to get started?

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If you’re open to being a guest on the podcast, then email hello@whatsyourcalling.us and receive a free coaching session. Your story and your session could help someone else in the same position. If your story helped just one person, would you do it?