M5. Window Meditation

This lovely meditation involves sitting in front of a window and enjoying the world around you. Please download your own copy here.

M4. Breathing Meditation

One of my favorite meditation teachers is Thich Nhat Hanh. He teaches so simply and clearly, fully knowing you can do it that you feel his confidence in you. You can tell he is supporting you. I bring his teaching into this breathing meditation. I hope you enjoy. Download the meditation HERE.

M3. Driving Meditation

You can meditate while you drive! Just don’t close your eyes. Download the meditation HERE. Thanks for visiting and Happy Meditating.

M2. Mindful Eating with Mayuko Okai

In this mindful eating meditation, Mayuko Okai RD and Intuitive Eating Coach leads you on an exercise on mindfulness while preparing a meal and eating. She teaches us that we can stop to ask ourselves “Am I hungry?” And that action is a nourishing and supportive one. Listen to the podcast below and if you enjoy the meditation, download it …

M1. Walking Meditation

The first kind of easy meditation I want to introduce is a walking meditation. Yes you can move while you meditate because you can be fully present with the walking. Try to focus on your 5 senses as you walk. If your mind wanders, that’s ok just pause, bring it back and continue where you left off. Click here to …