M10. Sleep Meditation

Get so relaxed that you easily fall asleep. If you’ve had trouble falling asleep in the past, try this meditation to get grounded, get relaxed and get rested. This is the last meditation that will appear on the What’s Your Calling? Podcast. Miinkay has create a new podcast to house all her meditations, affirmations, and positive transformations. Subscribe to┬áMeditate with …

M9. Gratitude Meditation

I hope this short gratitude meditation helps you remember to be grateful for yourself. You are important and you have value. Thank you for being here. Miinkay

M8. I Am Here Meditation

This meditation was inspired by the book You Are Here by Thich Nhat Hanh. I would highly recommend it. It changed the way I look at life. Download the Meditation Here Happy Meditating! Miinkay

M7. Listening Meditation

How is your meditating coming? This meditation focuses on your sense of hearing. See if you can notice something you’ve never noticed before! And get your free download here. Happy Meditating! -Miinkay

M6. Energy Clearing Meditation

A short visualization to help you clear your mind and clear your energy. Thanks for listening and please enjoy! Download your copy here. -Miinkay